October 30, 2021

Perched, 2021, mixed media, 4"x3"x2"

MJ King is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work includes drawings, paintings, ceramics, and sculptures, that can be both abstract and figurative forms of expression. Fundamental to her process is the importance of play and discovery without constraints. Confined to work in the corner of her apartment during the lockdown, she has created a series of abstract miniature sculptures that serve as maquettes for larger-scale projects King envisions. Drawing on the decorative arts and design for inspiration, each piece becomes an invitation for the eye to travel among the details created by this approach. Ironically, by accepting the challenges of working small scale, her repertoire has expanded into endless new forms and modes of presentation.

King graduated from the Art Institute in Boston and moved to New York in the 80s to attend the New York Studio School Of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture and continued her studies at The Art Students League. King maintains a studio practice at Mana Contemporary, NJ.