Current Exhibit

One In Seven Billion

Hooray! The Phatory is open again so viewers are welcome to come see Eung Ho Park’s show. However, in order to allow for social distancing, only one person at a time can step inside. Please keep in mind our hours vary so it is best to call either 212-358-0028 or 718-614-0432 in advance to be sure someone is here or nearby.

Eung Ho Park’s work alludes to a diminished sense-of-self one experiences as a  member of a group or when others assume your are one. To portray this existential predicament Park transforms ordinary objects into conversational building blocks that rely on how they are perceived.  He then hones his selection of material and found objects into an array of witty and suggestive propositions that subvert any attempt at forming a single way of interpreting them. ”Read More”