Robert Schatz

As physics shows us, all of Nature is a sublime unity of energy and relationship. The dimensional forms and structures in the world, revealed to us by the limits of our senses, are, in fact, the manifestations of inner movement and the flow of molecular force. Chinese philosophers have called this force “chi,” while the philosopher Alan Watts refers to this state of perpetual motion as the “wiggliness of Reality.”

Alluding to these unseen realities, I see my work tied to the insight of Heraclitus: panta rhei (everything changes), and so then to such poetic themes as impermanence, transformation, and regeneration. At a psychological level, one could say that my work expresses a triumph of flexibility over rigidity and rut. But, and perhaps of most profound significance, my work also suggests a Dionysian or tantric delight in the manifestations of the world and our “own be-ing.”