Roxanne Wolanczyk

Nature Retreat, Meadow, 2005, inkjet on canvas, 40"x54"THEN / NOW  The Princess Series - As with pageant players who performed morality plays for the masses in the streets of medieval Europe, cartoons are a way for today’s artists to speak to, and about, the “everyman.”  Roxanne Wolanczyk’s flash animations metaphorically describe her perceived notions of herself in relation to the world at large, and her abilities to affect her terms of engagement.  Speaking through the character of the Princess, Wolanczyk expresses the desire to live a privileged life, which is continually under assault by life’s exigencies.  It is easy to identify with the Princess’ rails against the system and her inevitable defeats.  Wolanczyk’s narratives are humorous, clever and imaginative portrayals of this would-be Princess’ inner world.  Her exhibit at The Phatory offers viewers a glimpse of the latest series of animations and printed stills on canvas from “The Princess Series”.

Born in 1971 and raised in New York City. Throughout the 1990′s, Wolanczyk exhibited her conceptual based art  at The Brooklyn Museum, The Bronx Museum, Pierogi, Cynthia Broan Gallery, and Eyewash and other exhibition spaces. She began to work digitally in 2001, enthusiastically embracing the Internet for its ability to provide wide access for her work.