Laurie Olinder

THEN / NOW From Olinder’s WHAT’S BLOOMING AND POP UP shows - Inspired by textiles and a sense of the possible, Olinder has designed on a series of fabric using grahic renditions of her paintings and prints to expand her visual language. As she explains: “With the advent of digital printing, I was able to simply apply my paintings onto cloth - a dream realized by new technologies. After learning how to seamlessly repeat a design, I started piling these designs upon and next to each creating a collage of repetition and mixing of leaves, lines, flowers, dots, vines, stripes and botanic reading elements. In this installation, I have made a 360-degree world, that includes my original paintings combined in layers with a variety of different printed fabrics creating an environment of layered exuberance to create a world that envelops us in a hypnotic maze of pattern, color and texture.”

From Olinder’s PAPER FALLS show - Olinder exhibits a series of thirteen abstract indigo ink drawings on six-foot rolls of paper, hung vertically. The imagery is at once micro and macro: made up of hundreds of small monochromatic blue squares of varying shades and intensity, the eye is at once drawn to the individual units, as well as to the organic shapes they form as the rows of squares organically flow down the scroll. Likewise, the paper rolls themselves, which are floated off the gallery walls, unfurl into the gallery space, curling slightly at the bottom, to create the impression of a clearing, surrounded by cascades. From mark, to page, to environment, Olinder has developed a fascinating interplay between the sum and its parts.

As an award-winning multimedia designer, painter and photographer, Olinder work has presented work in a variety of venues around the world including BAM, Barbican, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Walt Disney Concert Hall.