MJ King, Sally Lelong, Gary Sherman - LOVE’S DISPATCH

June 16, 2012

The Phatory is please to announce Love’s Dispatch an exhibition of works by MJ King, Sally Lelong and Gary Sherman which runs from Saturday, June 23rd through July 28th, 2012

Love, that shape-shifting object cum action cum subject is a phenomena that eternally evades definition but is that presence that no one can ignore. Like any attempt to deconstruct that which cannot be fully comprehended, MJ King, Sally Lelong and Gary Sherman explore aspects of that which is called “love” by using their artistic practices as forensic metaphors. Lelong’s work, which explores eroticism, anatomizes the “before”, King’s work, which references the morphology of sex, can be seen as descriptions of the “during”, while Sherman’s work, which renders the microscopic visible, can be experienced as the “after.” And, thus these three attempt to nail the fog and share with viewers their possible terms of engagement with this undeniable factor of existence.

All three artists actively exhibit their work in group and solo shows in the States and internationally.